Christina Griffin-Jones

for San Diego County Central Committee

*Today is Election Day! Here are some resources to help you handle your business:

1. Click here to find your polling place. Polls open at 7 am and close at 8 pm. If you are in line by 8 pm, you have to be allowed to vote.

3. Click here to check your Assembly District (If you are in the 80th, good news: you will be able to vote for me)

4. Click here to find a Voting Center: Not registered to vote? Don't trip, you can go to any of the Satellite or Voting Centers and get registered to vote and vote, today. They even let you check wait times. You can still go to the Registrar of Voters in Kearny Mesa to vote too.

5. Remember: Here in California, the only time you are not allowed to vote is if you are currently serving a state or federal prison sentence or are currently on parole. If you are on probation, in county jail, or have been convicted of a felony (and you are not currently on parole) YOU CAN VOTE! Find more info, here.

The San Diego County Democratic Party Central Committee directs which issues and leaders our county party takes interest in and uphold. If you have ever seen something that says "Endorsed by the San Diego County Democratic Party," that means that it came from this body. Christina has a track record of supporting, and if elected will continue to support, the following:

  • Keeping families together
  • Medicare for all
  • Rent control
  • People with disabilities being listened to and their self determination respected
  • Justice for families of and survivors of state sanctioned violence
  • and More

Christina Griffin-Jones is running to represent Democrats in the 80th Assembly District on the San Diego County Democratic Central Committee. Christina's father is a veteran. Christina's mother is a small business owner and union member. Christina is anti-war and pro-justice. Chris understands, deeply, that if one of us in our community is hurting, we all are. Christina is committed to lifting up and centering our most impacted and disenfranchised community members in every decision-making and voting space as a Central Committee Member. Christina was born and raised in San Diego, Chula Vista, and National City. Chris learned how to organize from her mom and has organized and lived in the 80th Assembly District her whole life. Christina has worked alongside notable community, social justice, labor, faith and non-profit organizations internationally, nationally, regionally and locally and has canvassed, phone banked and fundraised for a Democratic candidate in every election cycle since 2001. Chris believes the 80th Assembly District is a community of folks that know what we need. Our district knows that we deserve someone representing us in our county party’s Central Committee who will be a voice that ensures the people, environment, and culture of our Assembly District are not forgotten about when environmental justice, access to mental health services, honoring indigenous communities, and ending all forms of family separation conversations happen. Christina is that person.

If elected, Christina will use this platform to guide what she supports as your representative in the San Diego County Democratic Party Central Committee.

We are just getting started. Keep in contact with Christina and keep Christina accountable by signing up for Christina's Updates, here.